At POISE, we are a united big family team which emphasis on trust, commitment and values. We work in an environment where camaraderie have each others’ back and not judging one another. Our workplace culture promotes opportunities, transparency, and the opinions of all to enrich conversations and diversity of thought so as to constantly improve ourselves and perform with purpose. 

If this is the environment and people you want to work with, we want you!

Hurry send your resume and join us now. Your future depends on making the right decision now!

To be eligible to become a licensed real estate salesperson with us, you must:
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must not be registered with another estate agency or be an existing KEO of another agency
  • Have minimum 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes or WDA’s Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 or equivalent Passed RES examination or possessed equivalent qualifications Undertake mandatory continuing professional development
Fulfill fit and proper criteria such as:
  • Must not be an un-discharged bankrupt;
  • Must not possess criminal records involving fraud or dishonesty;
  • Must not have previous track record of complaints or convictions;
  • Must not be a licensed moneylender or an employee, a director or a partner of a licensed moneylender.

Pass RES Exam
Registration of RES exam with Certificate of RES Course Completion issued by the course provider.
The RES exam consist of 2 papers, both papers have three sections:
Section A: 50 MCQs (50 marks)
Section B: 15 MCQs with reference to 1 or 2 Case Studies (30 marks)
Section C: 10 Fill-in-the-blank short answers questions (20 marks)

Register with CEA

  • Upon a successful registration in meeting’s CEA fit & proper crit ria, you can now register with POISE
  • The Certificate of RES Course Completion has a validity period of 2 years